Strong to the Core: 10 Reasons to Love Pilates

In 2019, Pilates and Yoga studios in the US grew into a $12.1 billion industry

After work and on the weekends, young professionals are slipping into their yoga pants and stretching their ways into stronger bodies and sounder minds. 

Why do folks love pilates? The answer has to do with a lot more than fitness. Let’s take a look.

1. Immediate Results

You will begin feeling taller, more energized, and more alive as soon as you start taking Pilates classes. And in only a few weeks, you may begin noticing visible results, including a smaller waist size.

Pilates helps train the deep muscles of your abdomen, back, and hips to support your spine and provide stability in your pelvis and shoulders as you move. As you strengthen and stabilize your core, you will learn to stretch your muscles and improve the range of motion in your joints. 

You will improve your stamina and flexibility with every workout. As you progress, the pace of your workout will pick up and you will be able to take on new strength and stability challenges. You will notice improved flexibility and an energy boost right away. 

2. The Core of the Matter

The reason we tend to feel so “tight” after a Pilates workout is because we are working the “corset” muscles in our abdomen, pelvis, and back. Throughout the process, we are learning to take full breaths to refresh our cells.

You will engage your breath along with your body and learn to economize your movements. Fresh, oxygenated blood will help remove toxins from your system. Your body will release serotonin and endorphins so you feel almost euphoric.

Pilates will give you powerful abs and help make your body leaner, longer, and stronger. 

3. A Good Mind

The breathing practiced in Yoga and Pilates can reduce your stress and prevent high blood pressure. It also releases endorphins, your body’s “feel-good hormones.” 

Pilates can help reduce anxiety and depression by giving you an opportunity to socialize, changing the chemicals in your brain, and providing a distraction from negative thoughts. It also enhances mindfulness and encourages a  positive self-care routine. 

Unlike some other forms of exercise, Pilates requires you to recruit your body and mind at the same time. It pumps blood to your brain, which increases the connections between nerve cells and your brain. It also challenges the brain with learning new skills, so you will keep your mind engaged and help prevent its slowdown.

4. No Neglected Muscles

Pilates helps target the muscle groups we don’t normally use, such as those around your spine and abdomen, which are your body’s natural girdle. 

Pilates forces you to use muscles like the multifidi, which runs the length of your spine, and the transverse abdominis. These muscles stabilize what’s happening around your middle. 

Pilates also works muscles under your butt, on your thighs, and behind your shoulders. These may not get worked during your everyday life, but they will certainly get some stretching and sweating in your Pilates class.

5. Meet Great People

If your group of friends needs a little shaking up, Pilates classes are a great way to meet some new folks for life. 

Interacting with others can boost feelings of well-being and decrease depression. Socializing can improve your mood and even reduce your risk of dementia.

The great part about Pilates is that it is not limited to the twenty-something set. Ladies and gentlemen of every age will enjoy meeting like-minded people while they stretch and grow.

6. Better Posture

Pilates is designed to help line up your spine and shoulders, making you stand up straight and feel more confident. Good posture minimizes pressure on your joints, helping to prevent osteoarthritis and back pain.

Pilates targets the key areas of the lower hips and back that often get weary due to slouching. The body will learn to hold itself in better alignment for longer, thus helping you maintain an upright posture and balance.

7. Increase in Energy

The breathing exercises integral to Pilates promote good circulation, improve lung capacity, and boost all-around energy levels.

The increase of oxygen in your mind will help to reduce your worries about day-to-day concerns. 

Pilates can also help speed up your metabolism by replacing fat with muscle. This can help you lose weight and feel increasingly more energized and confident.

8. Something a Little Different

Pilates does not involve performing the same exercises over and over. You can constantly challenge yourself with new variations on the exercises you are learning. As you get stronger, you will find yourself able to perform deeper and more complex exercises. 

9. Maternity Movements

You don’t have to give up Pilates if you discover you are going to become a mama. In fact, moms-to-be who exercise their core muscles can experience shorter labors and reduced lower back and pelvic pain.

Make sure you check with your doctor first and tell your trainer you are pregnant before you take a class.

10. Decrease Back Pain

Deep breathing and realignment of the spine can go a long way toward relieving back pain. The active collaboration of core muscle groups in the abdomen and spine will create a solid cylinder around your central spine. It can help prevent “shearing” of the vertebrae, ligaments, and discs that happens over time.

Reasons to Love Pilates

Fitness fanatics love pilates because it provides them with physical stability, mental health, and confidence that they can carry with them through their lives. A few simple classes could be the beginning of a beautiful habit.

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