9 of the Best Yoga Postures for Headaches

Oh no, it’s happening again… that troublesome headache that always seems to come around at the most inopportune times.

Once that headache starts, it’s a vicious cycle of throbbing pain that seems like it will never end. Until now!

Did you know that yoga can help cure you of those headaches? 

There are several poses you can practice to increase blood flow and help the brain fight off those pesky aches in your noggin, so you can get on with your day.

As if you needed any more reason to do yoga, right? Here are the 9 best yoga postures for headaches.

1. Child’s Pose

One of the most famous yoga postures of all, Child’s pose provides numerous immediate benefits such as increased blood flow and meditation.

Simply place your knees on the yoga mat with your toes touching together. Spread your knees to a shoulder’s length and bend forward until your forehead is touching the mat (or as far as you can go).

Reach your hands as far out in front of your body as possible.

Focus on your breathing, close your eyes, and take 4-5 minutes in this pose to reflect and meditate… you deserve it!

2. Seated Neck Release

Here’s a yoga posture you can do (in variation) while at your office desk or sitting on the couch at home. 

More often than not, your headache is caused by some sort of neck discomfort, so you’ll need to keep those neck muscles as loose and stretched out as possible.

To do the pose, sit with the correct posture in a chair or on a yoga mat. Take your right hand and place it on the right side of your head, then gently pull your head to the right.

Make sure to maintain optimum breathing technique for about a minute, then do the same with the other hand. Repeat this as many times as you see fit.

3. Cat-Cow Stretch

Go down on all fours on your yoga mat, ensuring that your hands are directly under your shoulders and knees are directly under your hips.

As you inhale, lift your head up and look to the sky while curving your spine simultaneously. Envision a cow raising its head to moo (that’s the cow portion).

Now, once you start to exhale, slowly start to place your head down and round your back at the same time. For this part, try to mimic a cat stretching it’s back.

The main thing here is to focus on your breathing, make sure your cat/cow motions are in sync with the rhythm of your inhales and exhales.

4. Legs Up the Wall

You may want to stick to this pose strictly for at home. You’ll get some weird looks if you were to try this in the office.

To perform, place your hind-quarters directly against the bottom of the wall while placing your back and head on the floor. Place your legs against each other and lie them against the wall.

Extend both of your hands all the way out along the floor (as if you’re spreading your wings).

Now, close your eyes, relax your body, and focus on your breathing. Take 8-10 minutes and let your body rest before getting up from this position.

5. Dolphin

Get down on all fours with your hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Bring your forearms down to touch the mat and let your head drop. 

Lift your hips up as high as you can and make sure your heels are raised from the ground. Let your chest fold into your legs (as much as possible) while you breathe deeply.

You’ll start to feel the burn on this one, so take 2-3 minutes and focus on your breathing before moving on to the next step.

6. Downward Facing Dog

Start in a plank position on all fours with your hands and feet shoulder-width apart.

Now, raise your hips and tuck your chest and head towards your legs, while keeping your arms completely extended in their position.

Take deep breaths here and feel the energy start to come back into your body. Do this for about 4-5 minutes before moving on with your day.

7. Seated Side Opener

For this one, start by sitting Indian style on your yoga mat and erect your spine in a correct posture. 

First, take your left arm and reach it over the top of your head while you place your right hand and place it on the ground. Let your body naturally bend to the right like a palm tree in the wind.

Try to keep your legs crossed and flat on the floor and turn your chest to face the ceiling (as much as possible). 

close your eyes and take 8-12 deep breathes before doing the same on the opposite side. Repeat this 2-3 more times each side.

8. Happy Baby

This pose is great for stretching your back by lengthening it for a few minutes and getting rid of muscle stiffness

To start, lay flat on your back and bend your knees up towards your chest with your feet up in the air. 

Take your hands and grab the bottom of your toes, pulling them to your chest a few inches closer each time you exhale. Again, make sure your stretching is in rhythm with your breathing.

9. Standing Forward Fold

Last but not least, the all-encompassing stretch that’s known as the Standing Forward Fold.

Stand straight up on your mat with your feet and legs a hips-width apart. Bend forward and grab the back of your legs with your hands.

Take deep, long breaths and pull your chest a bit closer to your legs after each exhale. Do this for about 2-3 minutes, allowing yourself to relax.

Apply These Yoga Postures for Headaches to Your Regimen

There’s nothing more recharging than a solid yoga session. Add these yoga postures for headaches to your practice to release the nagging pain in your head.

Be sure to read this article on including a restorative yoga class to your sequence for info on more poses to help you recover and recharge.

Best of luck with your practice, be sure to check back to Imcentered.com frequently for up-to-date yoga tips and tricks!