15 Amazing Benefits of Meditating Daily

What do Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Jerry Seinfeld have in common? They all incorporate a daily meditation practice into their busy lives.

However, meditation isn’t just for the rich and famous. More and more people are adopting the practice as their own.

Meditation has become one of the fastest-growing health trends in the U.S. over the past few years.

There are a number of positive ways that meditation can impact your life. Whether you do meditation during your yoga class or by yourself every morning, it’s packed with benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of Daily Meditation?

If you want to learn about the benefits of meditating daily, read below to discover more.

1. Lower Stress Levels 

Up to eight in ten Americans are afflicted with stress. Our lives are so busy that we never have a moment to ourselves.

High-stress levels can risk the development of higher blood pressure, skin conditions and even heart problems.

If you’re suffering from stress on a regular basis, you need to do something about this immediately before the condition worsens.

Simply twenty minutes of meditation daily could help relieve some of your symptoms of stress. When you’re quietly focused on your breathing, you’ll quickly feel less stressed.

And this isn’t just your imagination. Researchers have discovered mediation has the proven ability to reduce the levels of the hormone known as cortisol, which drives stress. 

2. Bolster Your Self-Awareness

Do you really know yourself? Many people have “blind spots” about their flaws.

You may amplify how much you haven’t succeeded in your career, which causes you to feel depressed. Or perhaps you refuse to admit that you can be rude and unfriendly to people sometimes.

Regardless of how you see yourself normally, meditation can help you realize your “true self” clearer. You may, as never before, start to see yourself objectively. 

3. Make You Smarter 

Who doesn’t want to be smarter? It’s shocking to realize that daily meditation could enable to pass your exams with flying colors. 

When researchers at the University of California got a bunch of students together for a study, they found that mediation improved grades.

Students performed higher during verbal reasoning exams than those that have never been trained in meditation.

Improved memory and cognitive function combined can help you get smarter with only twenty minutes of daily meditation.

4. Better Music Listening Experience

You can spend hours researching the best headphones. But actually, you can improve your music listening experience by meditating regularly.

Meditation won’t alter your dance moves to Ariana Grande. However, if you prefer to listen to classical music, this requires engagement on a different level.

Researchers at the University of Oregon discovered that participants who meditated were better focused when listening to music. This could lead to greater enjoyment and appreciation of the songs. 

5. Make You More Moral

You probably consider yourself to be a good person. Studies have found that people typically rate themselves on a scale of one to ten at around seven.

You’re not perfect, but you’re a pretty decent person. However, if you’re serious about boosting your morality, meditation could make you think differently about ethical choices.

If you struggle to relate to others, you can develop greater compassion through daily mediation. When other people are struggling, you’ll be more likely to help them out rather than drive by without thinking twice about it.

Simply put, there is a connection between people who practice daily meditation and people who do good things. Do you want to be one of the good guys? You need to get meditating now.

6. Fight Off Your Cold

During the winter, your risk of getting the flu or developing a cold is much higher. You don’t have simply accept that you’re ripe for being bedridden.

You can fight off the onset of colds by staying clean, eating a balanced diet, and doing exercise. You can also meditate to improve your immune system against the nasty colds.

People who meditate actually miss fewer days of work. If you can’t afford to miss work and pay your bills, you should start meditating to get ready for winter.

Even when you succumb to a virus, you’re more likely to recover quickly and experience less severe symptoms due to your meditation. 

7. Improves Your Sleep 

Up to 40 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep.

The recommended amount of sleep is between seven and nine hours. If you’re not getting 7 hours, you could be causing yourself health problems. 

If you’re grumpy and exhausted all of the time, that’s why. And you could be at increased risk of developing cancer and diabetes if you don’t sleep properly.

Of course, going to bed earlier and introducing a bedtime routine to help you sleep is a good start. You may have insomnia or sleep apnea, which disrupts your sleep.

But if you continue to sleep poorly, meditation could be the solution. Researchers at the University of Utah discovered that daily meditation can give you a better night’s sleep. 

8. Helps You Lose Weight 

Over two-thirds of Americans are actually overweight. Many of those people suffer from obesity, which increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, and more.

If you’re desperate to shed the pounds, a low-calorie diet and an exercise routine aren’t necessarily enough by itself. 

Meditation is also a useful tool to help with weight loss. 70% of experts recommend meditation (or mindfulness training) as a way to cut your weight. 

9. Reduce the Symptoms of Depression 

Almost 1 in 12 adults in the U.S. suffer from depression. But depression hits particular groups more than others.

For example, pregnant women and younger teens are especially vulnerable to developing depression. 

One study found that women who practice mindfulness yoga shown positive signs of improvement in mood over time. They may even develop a sense of empowerment about being pregnant as a result.

10. Combat Loneliness Among the Elderly

Loneliness has been called a “serious public health” concern. This is because people who feel socially isolated on average suffer from worse health and earlier deaths.

This is particularly a problem among the elderly. Many older people go days without any human interaction. 

However, there are signs that meditation could help conquer the feelings of loneliness. Even though this won’t stop the underlying loneliness, it could help the elderly to cope better.

11. Cheers You Up 

Even if you don’t feel depressed or lonely, you will always have good days and bad days. Mediation can increase the better days and reduce the bad ones.

In other words, meditating daily can make you happier. There are numerous studies connecting regular meditation with a rosier outlook.

However, do you need any more evidence than the cheerful smile of the Dalai Lama? He claims that “what truly leads to happiness” is taking the time to reflect and observe through mediation.  

12. Cure Your Anxiety 

Do you suffer from anxiety? There are many kinds of anxiety, but they can all be helped with daily meditation. 

If you’re constantly worrying about things, you can learn to focus your mind and think differently about your concerns.

When your anxiety flares up, regular meditation can help you to control your emotions better. This can allow you to spot the signs of anxiety before they overwhelm you. 

13. Boost Self-Confidence 

You may be surprised to hear that meditation could even raise your self-confidence. 

If you’re always concentrating on your flaws, you could instead start to see yourself as a powerful and independent human being. 

This boosted self-confidence comes from the knowledge that you can simply tackle anything by yourself. 

14. Stop You Getting Angry

If you have regular outbursts of anger, you need to learn to better control your emotions. You may find that daily meditation helps you with your bad temper. 

When you meditate, you slow down your breathing and allow your blood pressure to lower at the same time. 

You don’t even need to become a master meditating. Simply one session of meditation could show improvement. 

15. Spark Your Creativity 

Do you struggle to break out of your creative slump? If you want to think innovative and out of the box, then mediate.

Occasionally sitting and meditation can improve your brain’s ability to think creatively and boost your imagination. 

If you are required to be creative at work, you may find that the ideas start to flow after your daily mediation routine is mastered. 

The Benefits of Meditating Daily

There are so many reasons why people who would never normally consider meditation have taken up the practice.

The surprising benefits of meditating daily cannot be disputed. There is hard evidence that taking the time to meditate leads to a happier and healthier life.

You can also enjoy many of the benefits of meditation through yoga. Check out more about yoga breathing here